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BA (Hons) Interior Design

This ground breaking and innovative course produces graduates with spatial and conceptual skills. The course integrates elements including interior environmental design, the built environment, facilities planning and management.

Featured Work 2011

The following students exhibited this year:

Hannah Aldulaimi – Art Therapy Centre (for adolescents)
Stuart Algar – Homeless Rehabilitation Centre
Kelly Baker – Get Started
Natalie Barnes – Mental Health Spa
Samantha Beavis – The Lonsdale Centre
Louise Carne – Drayton Hall Weightwatchers Retreat
Mark Carson – The Bournemouth SkyGlass
Cassie Dagger – Hullabaloo
Nisreen Faouri – Jordanian Women Fellowship Center
Victoria Farrar – Covert Therapy – The Underground Experience
Lisa Harris – Get Them Up – Get Them Out – Get Them Fit
Sophie Keefe – Indoor Holiday Activity Centre
Abigail Le Marchand – The Stephen Lawrence Music Centre, Deptford
Jess Lines – Diabetes Education Centre
Saevar Orn Magnusson – Culture and Leisure Space in Reykjavik
Samuel Marsden – 3 Quays, London's Premier Comedy Club
Debbie Mattis – Clinic at 1111
Harjot Nijhar – London Olympic Museum – Old Ford Lock
Maria Palmer – Museum of the Horse
Sarah Payne – The Xibitor
Penelope Putley – Interactive Aquarium
Tina Ridings – Arcadia Fashion Design Centre
Mikayla Seabrook – The Wedding Venue
Stephanie Simpson – A Chora Dance Space
Katie Jane Smith – Home from Home – Cancer Care Centre
Therese Stone – Phoenix House
Natasha Stynes – Dean Court Stadium
Edward Timms – Caterham Racing Headquarters and Workshop Facility
Charlotte Toon – A Place for the Imagination – A New Generation Kindergarten
Rebecca Louise Wigley – Time to Unwind
Jemma Willoughby – The Leisure Hub