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BA (Hons) Industrial Design

Using digital media and computer design visualisation tools BU Industrial Design students are flexible designers able to design anything from a tea pot through to a space rocket. The course focuses on humanistic aspects such as ergonomics, aesthetics and commercial design.

Featured Work 2011

The following students exhibited this year:

Ross Beard – Branch Between Two Communities
Annette Beckley – In–flight Pilot's Relaxation Area
Claude Berger – The Burrow
Scott Bromley – Semi–Sub
Alex Dix – Family Beach Caddy
Ryan Field – Beat Interaction: The Tree of Rhythm
Nick Fisher – Semi–submerged Home Office
Alex Furnell – Eco Living Modular Spaces
Sophie Hopwood – Premier Class Rail Carriage
Sophie Knight – Young Person's Camper Van
Nick Leighton – New Office Chair
Alexia Mitchell – Safari Lodge
Ed Roberts – Croydon Library
Mike Smith – The Creative Space
Sam Street – National Aikido Centre
Alex Todd – Sonic Space
Ben Upham – The Essence Lawnmower
Arthur Valeyev – Heart of Home Domino table
Cristian Ward – Immersion and Escape
Catherine Withers – The Pearl
James Yates – Portable Beach Grandstand
William Yates – Progrow Building Developments.