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BSc (Hons) Music and Audio Technology

This course focuses on the application of hardware and software technologies to create music and audio for inclusion in state of the art entertainment systems.

Featured Work 2011

The following students exhibited this year:

Callum Bowran – MicFX
Dan Clarke – Beat to Midi
Michael Clarke – DJV
Alex Dodd – Scratch FX
Samuel John – Dunlop Producing an audio-visual with high quality technology has a positive effect on ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Anthony Evans – A digital simulation of a Laney Cub 10 Valve Guitar amplifier
Nick Gardner – An investigation into headphone styles, to determine which is the safest for consumer hearing
Dan Graves – TouchFX
Sam Harman – iPhone Impulse Response Application
Craig Hope – iPhone Controller For Studio Headphone Monitoring
Sam Lillie – Learn and Interact with MIDI
Shaun Mills – Invisible Drumkit
Matt O'Neill – Soundscape; Perceived Sound
Dean Ormsby – Research Project - 5.1 vs Ambisonics Creating a 3D Soundfield
Chris Ottridge – The Loudness Wars: An Investigation Into Popular Music's Increasing Reliance On Loudness Over Dynamics
Bogdan Vera – Sympathy Networked Modular Synthesizer
Rob Ward – Binaural Recording