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BSc (Hons) Product Design

This well established course has continually evolved to the changing demands of the design industry and continues to produce graduates who make a real impact. Accredited by the Institution of Engineering Designers, this course offers the chance to either gain a BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) degree.

Featured Work 2011

The following students exhibited this year:

Neil Allen – Drown–Z
William Allison – Snowboard Protective Accessory Casing
Jonathan Amison – The 'IEHG' (Indoor Econ–Home Garden)
Amy Barnsdale – The Fish Tank Filter and Air Pump
Daniel Batchelor – SoleAir
Tim Blackmore – Adapndash;table: The Culinary Camping Workstation
Emma Boardman – Tot Tub
Trevor Brinkman – LightGuard
Chris Butler – Medicold Portable Cold Therapy Device
Jun Chan – Gelert Beach Shelter
Nathan Chapman – Auditis Portable Alerting System for the Hearing Impaired
Luke Chittenden – WeldAir
Ricky Chow – Educational Plant Growing Device
Matthew Clements – Orbis
James Coogan – Orchestral Acoustic Screen
Eleanor Cooke – Jolly Trolley Toy
David Copper – Bedchair & Equipment Porter
Rachel Dunbar – Bee Positive
Greg Dussek – Core Defence
Michael Edwards – Digital Cable Meter
Aaron Flower – Baby Flower
Amy Gardner – REPAKIT: The Reusable Lunch Carrier
Andrew Gordon – H[eat]
Steve Green – Indoor Air Pollution Extraction Unit for the Developing World
Charlotte Gregory – EnergyBreeze
Rob Hankin – Loose Leash
David Hones – STAMPndash; Study Light for Third World Communities
Ash Hopson – Bicycle Locking System
Thomas Kelly–Lord – Neogen – Kinetic Energy Generator
Thomas Kerr – Kite Sun Shelter
Ed Lang – Peek–a–Boo Highchair
Phoebe Lau – truDive DSMB Auto Reel
Alex Lewis – Backpack Cooling System
Phillip Mansfield – Ventus Wind–up Bicycle Lights
Liam Marriott – Personal shopping trolley
Paul Maton – Ventus Bike lights
Andrew Mongi – Wheeled Sports Bag
Robert Moore – One Man Brake Bleeder
John Morgan – Shark Stopper
David Palmer – Lamda Mobility and Stand Aid
Kishan Patel – District Nurse Medic Case
Michael Payne – On–the–go Supplement Shaker
Lee Peters – 'Block Buddy' – Martial Arts Training Arm
Gemma Phillips – INSTA–CAMP
Jenifer Piper – Bath Aid
Robert Potten – The No Fuss Camping Stove
George Price – Perfect Pendulum Putting Aid
Alex Reid – Posture Pal
Will Reynolds – Hutch Cleaner
Benjamin Richards – Halo – Renewably Powered Street Lighting
Matthew Scharfe – STEAD.e
Clare Schofield – Bath Safe
Jennifer Sealy – Sprint React
Tariqur Shaha – Brush Buddy (Interactive Toothbrush)
Gideon Stothard – Garden Sentinel – Pest Deterrent
Tom Strong – Bar Queuing System
Matt Taylor – Adjust–a–Ball – the weight adjustable medicine ball
Sam Wain – Keg Transportation and Lifting trolley
Katie Worrall – I Cook
Aaron Wright – The Ro–plate Taking Food to The Edge.