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BA (Hons) Industrial Design

Using digital media and computer design visualisation tools BU Industrial Design students are flexible designers able to design anything from a tea pot through to a space rocket. The course focuses on humanistic aspects such as ergonomics, aesthetics and commercial design.

Nicholas Tate

Ford Mantis: The Future of the CommuteFord Mantis: The Future of the Commute

In the UK, around 18 million people drive to and from work every day.

The Mantis provides a fast, stress-free journey in comfort and safety, designed to be light, slim-line and manoeuvrable.

Featuring cutting edge technology and an efficient electric motor, the Mantis also provides a green way from ‘A to B’.

Ford Mantis – praying to give you a smooth journey.

Bournemouth University broadened my understanding and creativity in the design process.