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BSc (Hons) Sustainable Graphics & Packaging (Top-up)

Design should change with the times. Delivered at University Centre Yeovil, this top up course embraces the need for design to be both innovative and sustainable.

Phil London

“Stinky Poos” Nappies: A Sustainable Hemp Solution“Stinky Poos” Nappies: A Sustainable Hemp Solution

We continue to stink up the planet on behalf of our children with ‘disposable nappies’ which take hundreds of years to decay. From the paper used in the packaging and manufacture to the water-absorbing gel they contain, all end up in landfill. As a designer I am committed to sustainable design and cradle-tocradle concepts.

My major project therefore proposes biodegradable hemp as an alternative for the manufacture and packaging of a new era of truly disposable nappies.